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Whether the dance is intended to be entertaining, romantic, or comforting, flamenco is a very emotional style of dance.The roots of flamenco go back hundreds of year when Spanish, Muslim, Jewish and Gypsy (Roma) cultures all mixed, resulting in a musical form that was preserved and developed in later centuries.

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As far back as the 16th Century, Gypsy Flamenco was a synthesis of, at least, the four cultures of the Gypsies, the Arabs, the Jews, and indegenious Andalucian spaniards.

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Flamenco technique class geared toward students with 3 or more years of previous flamenco dance study.While some flamenco musicians and dancers still learn the flamenco on their own, most modern flamenco artists are professionally trained.

Not surprisingly, Flamenco is regarded by the UNESCO as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.Experience the love and passion of this wonderful Art - FLAMENCO.

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In flamenco dance the arms are always rounded with the elbows lifted.

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Flamenco dance class is suitable for all ages, no partner required, with regular classes for the absolute beginner to the most advanced of students.

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This wonderful dance studio is located in the Whizins Market Square off of 101 Fwy and Kanan Road.At the Flamenco Center for Guitar and Dance we offer one-on-one and group lessons in classical and flamenco guitar and Spanish and flamenco dance for beginners to professionals.Directed at beginners and intermediate level students alike, each volume includes everything that is required to learn the different flamenco palos (forms), with explanations that are concise and thorough.This section includes videos meant to teach the student how to communicate within a flamenco group, be they a musician or a dancer.

Travel to study flamenco dance in Spain, take flamenco classes in Portland, go on a flamenco retreat to the Oregon Coast, learn how to dance flamenco.

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Our beginner flamenco classes are created for anyone (with or without flamenco experience) looking for new opportunities to enjoy life dancing flamenco.

It is a celebration of all the virtues that are associated with the civilized society in all its beauty.Choreographies are only teaching tools - or, at best, allow the student to only dance in theatrical presentations.

Flamenco Perspective comprehends the Spanish Dance Department at Ponte Vedra Ballet and Dance Company and Fusion Performing Arts Academy, offering extensive Spanish Dance and Flamenco curricula, as well as independent character classes and private instruction.Dance lovers and those of you who want to dive into your first flamenco dance lesson.We ensure you learn flamenco according to its authentic, styles, roots and culture.A dance of passion and grace, the art of flamenco lies in the close relationship between song, music and dance.

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Flamenco dance is fiery, exciting, loud, passionate and sensual.Flamenco is a unique musical form from Andalucia, the southern region of Spain.


I ended up purchasing Flamenco shoes from Menkes in NYC--seems to be one of very few places to order authentic Flamenco shoes in the U.S. these days.

Flamenco is the traditional song and dance of the Gypsies (flamencos) of Andalucia.For example, free drinks, free lessons, tickets discounts, preferred seating etc.Flamenco Dance Steps Flamenco dancing is the culmination of beauty, grace, emotion, sensuality and the zestfulness of the human form.

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Located at 4000 Factoria Boulevard, our studio will be open for classes June 18.

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